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We supply fresh and frozen chicken, hen, turkey, duck and goose whole birds in different weight ranges, different cuts, offal and by-products.

Chicken: Griller, Broiler, Breast caps, Breast fillet single or butterfly, with or without inner fillet, Inner fillet with or without tendon, Wings 3 joints, 2 joints, prime, mid wing, Wing tips, Leg quarter, Oyster cut leg, Thigh and thigh meat, Drumstick, Boneless legs, Boneless thigh, Breast trimming, Neck, Back, Back with wings on, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Tails, Feet, Paws, MDM, Baader meat, Skin, etc.


Hen: Whole hen, Leg quarter, Breast fillet, Trimming, Wing, Feet, etc.


Turkey: Whole turkey, Breast fillet, Bone in and boneless leg, Wing Prime, 3 joint and 2 joint, Wing tips, Drumstick, Breast trimming,


Neck, Liver, Heart, Gizzard, Tails, Testicles, MDM, Baader meat, Skin, etc.

Duck: Whole duck, Breast, Leg, 2 joint wing, Liver, Neck, Back, Head, Tongue, Feet, etc.


Goose: Whole goose, Breast, Leg, 2 joint wing, Liver, Neck, Back, Head, Feet, etc.


All supplied in packing according to our customers specifications.


Polskamp Meat Industrie produces a low fat chicken skin. For production of low fat chicken skin, the following types of raw material may be used:

- Chicken breast skin

- Chicken thigh skin

Short description of the production process

- Bins containing chilled chicken skin are checked once more by the production department before they are being placed into the production line.

- Raw materials are being mixed carefully in a large mixing device before the further processing starts. This is to ensure that the raw materials are homogenous when being used.

- The skins are being further processed and minced.

- The chicken fat is partially being removed from the skin. Thus, a chicken skin with a lower fat percentage is obtained.

- The low fat chicken skin that has been obtained is transported to several packaging lines for packing in polyblocks.

- The packed low fat chicken skin is transported to the freezing department accordingly.

Available type of chicken skin, low fat

Polskamp Meat Industrie's types of chicken skin can roughly be placed into two different categories: an unprocessed chicken skin with a 'regular' fat percentage and a further processed chicken skin with

a low fat percentage. Herewith a brief description of the low fat product that may be offered and its characteristics.

Fat content : Approx. 10%

Protein content : Approx. 16%

Moisture content : Approx. 72%

Collagen content : Approx. 04%
As explained, Polskamp Meat Industrie works in accordance with standardized recipes. This ensures that products are produced at the desired specification and analyses remains stable.

Pink Chicken 3MM meat (BAADER), a product with a low fat percentage!

After selection of raw material and quality checks, the bins containing raw material will enter the production process. Basically, the production process is designed as follows:

- Raw materials are put onto a conveyor belt. Here, raw materials are being spread out and trained employees conduct a visual inspection of these raw materials. Parts that should not be used for the production of chicken baader are being removed.

- After checking, raw materials are being transported to a soft deboning / desinewing machine. This machine uses a low pressure processing technique with separates the bone remainders from the meat. The low pressure technique preserves the meat structure and ensures a low calcium content. Polskamp continuously improves its machines and production lines.

- The meat that has been obtained is being filtered during the 2nd stage of the process. This part of the process helps to further reduce the bone content to an absolute minimum and to avoid foreign body presence in the meat.

- The chicken baader is transported to the packing and freezing department accordingly.

- Pink Chicken 3MM meat (BAADER), a product with a regular fat percentage!

The frozen chicken Pink baader product with a fine 3 millimeter structure and a pink-red appearance. The product is produced in accordance with a standardized raw material recipe which leads to the following chemical analyses:

Fat content : Approx. 13%

Protein content : Approx. 17%

Calcium content : Target < 500 parts per million

Why choose for a chicken baader meat produced by Polskamp Meat Industrie?

- High protein content, resulting in good binding capacity and nutritional value

- Low calcium levels & bone content

- Stability

- Minimal risk on foreign body presence due to sophisticated filtering systems

White baader:

The product is produced in accordance with a standardized raw material recipe which leads to the following chemical analyses:


Fat content                       : Approx. 09%

Protein content               : Approx. 18%

Calcium content              : Target < 300 parts per million