We are your dedicated partner in meat



Geomeat is a global supplier of different food products within the world. We provide prompt and various supply of pork, beef, poultry and horse meat for the processing plants as well as on the free market.

Our mission

 is to be the best link between importers/distributors and slaughterhouses/deboning plants by providing market information, product-knowledge, transport/shipping and financing.

Our vision

is to have the best staff and inspire them to be the best.

Our core

values are to provide an exceptional level of service and always be ready to adapt to all kinds of situations that may occur.

As your business partner we promise you to act with urgency, have the courage to change course when needed, to work efficiently and together we can create mutual values.

Mutual benefit and efficiency, quality and flexibility are the main principles on which our work with customers and suppliers bases.

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